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Get More Customers from Google Local Search

Business Growth from Local Search (Local SEO).

 Google Local Search is the fastest way for your business to get found on the internet. With more traffic from Google Local Search, you will get more inquiries and sales. 

Local SEO is the process of ensuring your business is visible in the local search rankings on Google, as well as the Google Local Finder (Google Maps) and Google Business Profile ( formerly Google My Business or GMB ).

All of which will give you more customers in your local area – ie more business from local customers who are searching for your products or services in their location.

Any business with a physical address, or one which serves a geographic area, can benefit greatly from local search traffic. 


Who Needs Local SEO?


Local SEO for Business

Bricks and Mortar Business

Local SEO is your digital solution to enhance your physical business with an online presence. If you run a business that requires customers to physically come to a geographic location such as a shop, then you need to be visible in Google Local Finder/Maps and ideally the map pack on the search results page.

If you’re in the retail, service, or health industries, we will optimize your site to increase local online traffic and build awareness of your business.

Local SEO for Services

Service Area Business

If your business doesn’t have a physical location but provides services at the customers’ location or remotely, then local SEO is also essential. Local SEO gives you exposure to the customers searching for your service, within your locality. 

Whether you provide carpet cleaning, lawn mowing, tile removal, or landscape design, Local SEO will help you acquire customers who are interested in what you have to offer.

Try this – Search Google for your company’s service or product (eg plumbers in Melbourne, plumbers near me or even just plumbers). Do you see a section with 3 maps listings (the “map pack” format) near the top of page one of the search results? Then that means local SEO will help your business grow.


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We provide affordable local SEO Strategies, that bring you more business.



Hello, My name is Richard Law. I am the owner and manager of Rankwell – a Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Company, based in Melbourne Australia.

Local SEO is one area which we have been especially focusing on recently. We have been able to help many local businesses here in Melbourne, stay afloat or expand. Despite the various restrictions to movement, travel and rules about how things can or cant be sold.

Now, more than ever, the small business owner need to be promoting their services and products to their local area. And so we created this stand alone website, dedicated solely to our extensive local SEO services.

If you service a local or distinct geographic area then we know we can help you. We can get you local traffic and business. Contact us and let’s have a chat of how we can help you. Or take us up on the offer of a free Local SEO audit.

PS: If you’re looking for Australia-wide SEO campaigns then we still do them. Our National SEO services, Google Ads Management or FB Ads Management  are what you need. These services are detailed on our sister site – Rankwell.

Tips For Local SEO

Tips For Local SEO

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