If you want to maximize your reach on Google Business Profile (formerly called Google My Business) , make sure to add as much detail as possible about your business. Specifically

Business Name

It should just be your business name. Simple as that.

Also your best bet for improving your business’s performance is to make sure that you’re consistent in the details that you provide on every listing you place online. Use the exact same business name and address in each one.

Category Optimization

Always use categories that are relevant to the products you are selling.

Primary category: This is the name you use when describing what you do in Google. ( Hair salon, accountant, restaurant .)

Related Categories: Also be sure to include all additional  categories that accurately represent your business. 


What you put here depends on whether you have:

a/ Physical Location Business (like a shop or restaurant or gym, for example)

This would apply if you want to allow people to visit your store or office
Be sure you give them the correct location as it will be pinned on Google Maps and used in directions.

b/ Service Area Business

If you do not have a physical location where customers can visit, you will need to set your profile as a service area,  and enter in the regions, cities or post code areas that you serve.


Add your regular working hours here. That way Google can show if you are open or closed to the searcher.

Phone Number

Include your primary phone number and any secondary business lines, like a toll-free number.


Typically, you would link to your home page. ( If your business has multiple locations, consider linking to location-based landing pages.)

Appointment URL

This is very useful for businesses that operate by appointments. Link here to your contact page or calendar.


The business section of GBP enables businesses to create custom categories and add detailed descriptions along with prices.

This section describes the range of services you provide


If you are including any appropriate attributes for your listing, please provide them. These may vary depending on your primary category.


This section gives you an opportunity to briefly explain your business, what you offer and why customers should choose you.

Keep the language simple and helpful to the user. Try and convey your value in the market – why should they pick you?


Photos increase the chances of someone of someone viewing your listing. Typically you can add photos relating to Branding, A Business logo, Interior and exterior picture of your location, employees, product images and  and more recently 360:( a 360º view of your business interior or exterior. You can easily do this with the Google Street View app (Android| iOS). )

An appropriate cover photo also shows your personality.


GBP allows videos up to 30 seconds long, and both businesses and customers can upload videos to your listing.

Note though that Google says that you cannot upload videos with the primary purpose of advertising or promotional activities.

Google Posts

Google Posts allow businesses to engage with potential customers directly in the search results page. The feature allows companies to create posts that appear directly on the Google Search results page when someone searches for their business name.

Posts allow you to show images, content, video, events, promotions, discounts, and products and call-to-actions.

Event posts are removed from search results after 7 days, except for events which are active beyond 7 days.