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We Will Get You More Local Business

Local SEO is all about increasing your local search visibility. The idea is to help your brick-and-mortar store, or service-area business, show up in the local search results. By which we mean google local search results, Google maps local finder, Google Business Profile ( used to be called Google My Business) listings, and more. So that your potential customers can find what they’re looking for.. you!

This gets you more leads, more calls, more organic traffic to your website and more foot traffic to your location – if you have one.

How We Will Get You More Local Business

There are several ways we can drive more traffic to your business and website.

Local SEO Services

Google Local Listings

This is the heart of any Google based local marketing strategy.  We focus on your online presence (ie website) and your Google Business Profile (GBP) business listing.

Optimising these is what ensures you show up in the local listings, map pack section, knowledge block etc.

This means optimising your website for local search terms. It also means optimising your GBP business listing by posting images and articles on a regular basis. As well as getting reviews! 

And if you don’t have a GMB profile or a website – no problem. We will set it up for you. (See the FAQs below)


Local SEO Services

Google Local Ads

Google Ads have a specialised type of ad called Local Search Ads.

As the name suggests these are designed to drive people in your region or area to local businesses – like you.

People either interact by visiting your shop (via Google Maps directions) or via an email or directly via phone call. Or through orders placed on your website.

These local ads also allow you to jump to the top of the list on the local finder page. (sponsored listing). These listings are closely tied in to your Google Business Profile (GBP) profile.



Local SEO Services

FB Ads

Local traffic is more than just Google though.

People expect to be able to find you on social media as well. (Especially Facebook). This allows them to see where you are located and read reviews from past customers and then contact you directly via phone, email or FB messenger.

If you have a FB business page then Facebook Ads allow you to promote your business to people in a defined geographic area. These people can be custom picked to be past customers or potential new customers ( due to their interests and interactions on Facebook )


Local SEO Prices

Your local marketing strategy costs as little as $495 per month. Here is the full  Local SEO price breakdown

Where do local SEO results get shown?

Google’s local search algorithm considers a variety of factors, including geography, the user’s location, and how specific the search term is. Google will take your location and the topic of your search into account no matter what you type.

Typically Google will firstly show you the top 3 map results in its own separate box. If you click through on the “view all” button in this box, you will see a map page like the one on the image shown here. Often called the Local Finder Map

Below the maps pack box are the organic listings. You often find many of the same businesses who have map listings are also present on page one as organic listings as well. 

This means as a local business, you have the potential to rank for both the organic search results and the local map pack – thus appearing twice on page one! ( And if you are also running Google Ads this could be three times on page one. )

Of course this isn’t possible for all locations and niches, but it is something well worth working towards and it is something we strive towards for all our customers.

Google My Business Local Finder

How will local SEO help you?

Local SEO stats

Source: brightlocal.com/research/local-consumer-review-survey/

These stats from Brightlocal.com are from 2020. They will probably go up in 2021.


Stats show that 93% of local customers use online search engines and directories as their main way to find a local business. Most of these searches are via a smart phones or tablets on the go. Your potential customers are local and ready to buy! 


87% of people rely on reviews.
Your Google Business Profile (GBP) features customer REVIEWS. With more and more choices your potential customer will often pick the business that they trust the most. That trust can be earned by having good reviews from other people, listed right there on Google.


Usually Local SEO is a lot less time consuming and much more affordable than traditional SEO (where you are looking for national or international exposure). This form of SEO is perfect for local shops, local businesses and local service providers – because that is exactly what people are searching for!

What factors does Google look at?

The local map three-pack listings are shown on the Google search page (often at the top of the page, in a separate Map Pack) , but they are actually driven by different algorithms from the rest of the organic results below them. The local map pack is thus a different product than the rest of the organic result pages. It requires its own optimisation techniques. No need to worry though .. 

Our Local SEO services will optimise for both your website AND your maps listing.

Some of the factors affecting local results are listed below.

  • Google Business Profile (GBP) Is Optimised
  • Backlink signals – who links to your site
  • Reviews – How Many, How Good and How Recent?
  • On-page optimization of your website
  • Citation signals from other sites and directories
  • Behavioral signals
  • Social signals

Also keep in mind that the local algorithm also considers:

Proximity: How close is the business to the searcher?
Prominence: How popular or authoritative is the business in the area?
Relevance: How closely does the listing match the searcher’s query?

We are happy to have a look at your website, google my business listing, competitors and come up with a plan to get you to the top of the local search results. Simply start with our free Local SEO analysis.


Ranking factors that contribute to your website ranking in local results

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