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Other FAQs


What exactly does “Local SEO” achieve?

Local SEO is designed to increase your business visibility in the localised results section of the search engines.

If you are a local business ie one who specialises in a particular geographic area – this is very very important.


Where Do These Local Results get Shown?

When you do a search on Google for a LOCAL provider such as (say) “plumber Melbourne” ( or if your search for something that Google thinks is a local query) you will get extra local data at the top of the results page.

Usually located just under any paid Google Ads will be a “local map pack”.
This is a box containing a map and featuring two or three local businesses.

There will also be a link to “more places” which takes you to the Local Finder Page – a Google Map page with more even local businesses listed.

These are the local results that Google thinks best fit your localised search query.


What if I service several areas - or even all of Australia??

If you are an Australia wide company and service more than a local area you would be better off with one of our SEO Plans – these include local SEO actions as well as other activities designed to get you ranking on the Organic Search Results (not just maps and snack pack listings) 


Should I do Paid Ads As Well?

Absolutely, if you budget allows for it! SEO is a longer term strategy and it can take months before Google rewards you with high rankings. Paid traffic gives you a source of traffic which you can turn on or off at will, straight away – though it is normally more expensive than “SEO” traffic.


How Long Before I see Results with Local SEO?

The bad news is .. SEO takes time. This is not by our wish or design but how Google themselves have set it up to ensure the relevance and stability of their listings.
Our SEO plans are all structured over a 6 – 12 month period. 
However there are no lock in contracts or penalty clauses, so should something happen mid plan simply give us a few weeks notice and we can stop or pause what we are doing.


Will You Get Me Reviews As Well?

Local listing and listing in directories have reviews.  Your potential customer will often pick the business that he trusts the most. That trust can be earned by having good reviews from other people, listed right there on Google.

The problem is they are not always easy to get – even if you offer excellent customer service.

There is a temptation to “buy reviews” or post legitimate comments you customers have made, yourself. Do not so this.  Google doesn’t like it! And if / when they find out your fake reviews will be removed and your listing penalised.

Getting reviews takes work – but we will help make it easier.


Do I Need A Website As Well?

It is possible to do local SEO without a website – but it is better to have one. Many of the local signals Google looks at relate to what your website says as well. But we have seen business owners get listed with just a Google My Business (GMB) listing or using their FB Business page rather than a website.
Bottom Line: If you don’t have a website we can help build a simple and extremely affordable one for you. If you have absolutely no need for one then we will optimize what you have instead ie your GMB profile and/or FB page etc.


What is GMB?

Your Google My Business profile is a place for potential customers to find you. It is like Google’s business directory. It includes information like reviews, your physical location (if relevant), your phone number, website address, hours of business, and all the products and services you offer.


What If I Don't Even Have a GMB Profile?

No problem – we will set it up for you.


How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Good question! We believe in complete transparency and have no desire to waste your time (or ours) – So our prices are listed below.

If they fall within your advertising budget then let’s get started.

If not, we understand. With a bit of patience and learning and time you will probably be able to do a lot of it yourself. Check out our blog section for helpful articles and tips


Who Are You?

We are a Melbourne based SEO company. Our main website is and we have been in the SEO business for over 10 years.  We created this website because we fully believe every Australian small business can benefit from being in the local search rankings. It is their most important online marketing channel. And there is so much to say about it – it needs its own website!


How Do I get Started?

Another Good question! We want to make sure that we can absolutely help you so first thing we need to do is have a look at your website, if you have one. And your GMB Listing (again if you have one) and see what the general level of competition is for your region and your business. plus have a chat with you about what outcomes you want to achieve.

Then we can compose a personalised local marketing plan just for you. This is all free of obligation or charge. ( We hope you will like what you see and proceed with us of course )

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